Canning 高速公路
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Canning 高速公路/Riseley 街道
Investigation was to be carried out as to the impact of the installation of a second set  of signals upstream from the main intersection as shown below. A simple 13 zone AM peak
hour PARAMICS model was built to simulate and assess likely outcomes.
Challenge lay in the fact the existing signals were a slave to an upstream master and
hence overall cycle length and phasing needed to first accommodate the needs of this
master before consideration could be given to the new signals.
Vehicle actuated coding was required for both sets of signals to implement gapping out
rules where phases would be terminated early and have the time reallocated to higher
demand movements. VA also allowed for proper phase selection based on detector occupancy.
3 hours of model time was required to mimic the temporal build up of conditions in the
area. Periodic release profiles were taken advantage of in this instance to ensure
correct  queuing conditions. Public transport is coded with some 5 public transport routes
operating in the area.
Once the network/scenarios were prepared there was a need to assess the difference in
performance of the two networks. This was achieved by inspecting differences in global
model statistics (such as VKT and VHT) and localised inspection of link delays on key
approaches to the intersections.


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